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There is no job too big or too small for Strategic Pest Management! 

Whether it’s a pesky bird who has decided to call your ventilation shaft home, a skunk has moved in under your patio, or you are experiencing a much more serious infestation in your home or business, the qualified technicians at Strategic Pest Management have your back! We realize that unwanted intruders can cause stress and uneasiness, and deciding how to deal with such a problem can be daunting.

When faced with pest issues, the right choice is always to call the pros! Armed with the best training, equipment, and materials that the industry has to offer, our expert technicians will make quick work of what bugs you and have you back in full control of your domain in no time. We treat each and every home and business as if it were our own, and we understand that nobody wants to wait around for help when the sanctity and security of your space has been compromised. With speedy response times, top quality professional service, and competitive prices, our technicians are your go-to guys! If you even suspect you may have unwanted visitors in your home or business, make us your first call.

A technician will be at your door to offer a free inspection and professional advice at absolutely no cost. We thank the good people of Alberta for your support, and look forward to being of service to you.

Kayla Sambrooke
Kayla Sambrooke
We've been using Marlon and his team for a few years now and it's been wonderful! The spiders in the yard/patio have decreased substantially (almost zero!) and I am so happy to say I can sit on my deck and not worry! Thanks Marlon!
kelly colberg
kelly colberg
We are absolutely satisfied with the punctual, effective and professional service we received from Marlon at Strategic Pest Management. We love our home and spending time outside, but the ongoing mess and bother from the maple bugs has really been a drag in the past. SPM got them cleaned right out, and there is even a residual effect from the application, even after I used the pressure washer to clean the home exterior. Seeing the results assured us that these pests will be a negligible problem going forward. My previous efforts at exterminating these bugs paled in comparison so from now on we will always call the experts and have the job done right, allowing us to enjoy our yard, pest free.
Mabyn Dueck
Mabyn Dueck
These guys were awesome. Marlon came out the same day I called and removed the wasps nest at our house. Super helpful and incredibly efficient.
Lori Smith
Lori Smith
I used this company to get rid of a bird issue I had in my roof. They were great, the birds never returned and they were efficient, professional and fast! I would highly recommend Strategic pest management!
Leslie-Anne McPherson
Leslie-Anne McPherson
I am thrilled with the service and results from a spider spray treatment of the exterior of my home! Marlon was awesome to deal with and did such a good job - I noticed a HUGE difference and it's so appreciated! The rates are great too - I HIGHLY recommend them!
Brittany PW
Brittany PW
Great service! Quick and professional, great explanation and communication throughout, would 100% recommend!
Cristina Cataman
Cristina Cataman
Had a wasp nest, Marlon removed it in 20 mins. Great value for great, professional service. Highly recommend!

Rodent Control

We offer fast and effective rodent infestation solutions and proactive rodent infestation prevention to both our residential and commercial customers. This includes control of mice, voles, pocket gophers, ground squirrels, and squirrels. Our trained technicians will identify what kind of rodents you are dealing with and implement a solution the same day. Our methods are PET FRIENDLY, and environmentally responsible.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an ongoing and wide spread problem throughout Alberta. Once our technicians have performed an inspection and confirmed a bed bug infestation, you will receive a short list of pre-treatment instructions. An appointment will be made to perform a spray application, after which the space will need to be vacant for four hours. We will monitor your home or business to assure success so you can take back control of your space and sleep soundly!


Once believed to be a problem for tropical climates, our region has seen a spike in cockroach activity in recent times. Our trained professionals will come inspect your home or business, identify the species and size of infestation, and apply control methods the very same day. The bait used by Strategic Pest Management is the most effective the industry has ever seen and will make short work of any cockroach infestation. Technicians will continue to monitor and take care of your home or business until 100 percent extermination is achieved.


Several ant species live in Alberta. An ant infestation, be it interior or exterior, can range from being a minor nuisance to becoming an ongoing headache. Some species, such as the carpenter ant, can cause great damage to your personal property which may require thousands of dollars in repairs. Let our trained professionals come quickly identify species, and location of source of infestation and rid your home or business of ants quickly!

Bees & Wasps

Stinging insects can be a safety issue, especially for those with allergies. Once a bee or wasp colony has decided to make your place their home, the colony works on growing and building their numbers while becoming more aggressive. With one easy phone call, you can have a technician come and remove bee and wasp nests from your space very quickly and efficiently. Don’t do battle with these tough characters alone… call a pro and say good bye to unwanted stinging invaders today!


Birds can become a nuisance when they decide to make your home or business their home. Noise, property damage, and droppings are but a few of the unwanted characteristics of a bird infestation. Our technicians are experts at removing and excluding all kinds of birds from commercial and residential properties. We can install deterrents that will keep them out of your space down the road as well. On top of effective removal and exclusion, Strategic Pest Management offers cleaning services, too, and will remove hazardous material from your home and hand back control of your property to you. One quick call is all it takes to make those pesky squatters a distant memory.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

In Alberta, we are fortunate to live in natures back yard. Unfortunately nature sometimes decides to move in to our backyards! Skunks, racoons, porcupines, and squirrels are just some of the many critters that can cause havoc at our homes and places of businesses. These animals can be destructive, annoying, confrontational and sometimes even dangerous. Animals that willingly share spaces close to humans may be ill or injured, making them prone to desperate or violent behaviour. It is important to have a professional safely trap and remove animals like these when you recognize their presence. Our technicians safely, and humanely remove wildlife from problem areas and relocate them to a safe environment outside city limits, far from the risks of human interaction.

Residential Services

When we are called out to a customer’s home, we come prepared for anything. Solving our customers pest issues is number one on our list, but we are also concerned with timely methods of pest control, we exercise environmental caution, use humane trapping and removal methods when possible, and do everything we can to protect the privacy and dignity of our valued customers.

We also help to educate our customers and implement proactive measures to assure that these pests don’t become a problem again in the future. The old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In many cases we are able to eliminate pest problems in as little as one or two treatments and then put in place preventative measures so you never have to think about the little critters again. In other circumstances, customers may be in a position where an ongoing preventative program suits them best. There are many areas where buildings are susceptible to re-infestation due to environmental variables, structural vulnerabilities, or perhaps onsite food production.

In cases like these we offer seasonal, bi-monthly, monthly, and bi-weekly pest control programs. We have a service to fit every pest control need and every program is 100 % customizable to suit you. With Strategic Pest Management in your corner, pest problems can become a thing of the past….fast!

Commercial Services

Keeping your business pest free is a serious matter. It is the responsibility of business owners to ensure the health and safety of patrons while inside their establishments. Nobody wants the hard earned image of their place of business smeared by the sudden unwanted arrival of pests, nor do we want the contamination that comes along with the presence of certain animals and insects. It is our business to eliminate pest problems that might jeopardize your business.

Our commercial accounts make up the majority of our customer base and is where we specialize. Business owners can not tolerate pest problems at all, and yet can be very susceptible to infestation due to heavy traffic, multiple entryways, food production, and sometimes plentiful harbourage areas for mice, insects and other wildlife.

We at Strategic Pest Management understand the urgency of keeping your place of business pest free and know how to protect your establishment from infestations of all kinds. The methods used in commercial pest control have been perfected over decades, and our technicians implement these methods in settings that have stringent zero tolerance policies for pest infestation.

Through regular inspections and documentation, state of the art materials and technology, and with our government certified training, we can help you take control of your place of business.